Professional and private challenges are opportunities to grow.

Iris Hauck-Rameis

Your Project – My Service

Successful projects create satisfied customers.
I support you in bringing your intent to the desired result in a structured and process-controlled manner. As a consultant, certified project manager and project coach i am fully focussed on your path and goal. You will profit from professional Project Management, and so will your clients, partners and staff.

Iris Hauck-Rameis

My services are based on respective needs and offer suitable, individually tailored solutions.

Every project is unique and has its own requirements and objectives.

My services

I am supporting international companies as well as individuals, experts and newcomers.

Project Management is a flexible method suitable for projects of any type, duration and size.

My audience

Diversity is important to me.

Here you can find a survey of my clients, projects, activities and publications.

My credits

The character behind <Your Project – My Service>. 

My career gives you an insight into my education, my methodical approach, my sources of power and my milestones.

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